Sea Forwarding

Sea Forwarding

H&Friends GTL based on years of experience has established a Port to Port, Door to Door service and Global Visibility System that delivers diverse cargo such as container cargo, supermassive cargo, project cargo and bulk cargo. We also provide the best service of distribution consulting that can effectively support the diverse distribution process of the customer.

General cargo delivery service

H&Friends GTL provides container and bulk cargo, LCL console cargo, Door to Door and Port to Port delivery service according to the quantity nature of the shipper.

Strength of service

  • Can provide best fare by contracting a strategic preference service with worldwide shipping companies based on stable cargo volume.
  • By securing ship considering the bulk cargo nature type we provide integrated service from local customs to inland delivery.

Bulk cargo delivery service

We provide dry cargo delivery system such as grain, mineral, raw sugar, fertilizer, cement and scarp iron, and also provide service matching specialized route and non-regular schedule according to customer’s request. Also for the optimization of business we are focusing in securing long/short term ship chartering vessels, increased delivery operation between the Atlantic and Far East, strengthen short term delivery operation in the Atlantic and Indian Ocean with long term contracts. We are also endeavoring to offer service that satisfy the expectation of customers through years of experience and specialization such as characterized cargo by area and cargo even in fast changing market environment.