Substitute for purchase / shipping

Substitute for purchase / shipping

Convenient and inexpensive H&Friends GTL substitute purchase service!

Since the establishment of 24 networks in 14 countries such as the Americas, Japan, China, Britain and Germany H&Friends GTL staff has accumulated long time know how, it’s time for you to enjoy a trust service that they offer.

H&Friends GTL’s substitution purchase service is a service that directly finds, purchases and delivers products for customers who want a specific product but are having trouble in finding a selling site. We also provide general purchase service from product supply and demand status, price verification and estimation, purchase and delivery.

H&Friends GTL substitution purchase trust process

  1. 01

    Substitution purchase request

  2. 02

    substitution purchase approval

  3. 03

    1st payment completion

  4. 04

    product order completion

  5. 05

    P.O box arrival

  6. 06

    international delivery request

  7. 07

    2nd payment completion and international delivery preparation

  8. 08

    international delivery and customs

  9. 09

    receipt verification

  10. 10

    transaction completion