A LEADER OF TOTAL LOGISTICS - We will be the leader of Korea’s distribution business based on the largest foreign network and cutting edge domestic infrastructure.

The growth as the global TOP10 distribution business by 2030!

H&Friends GTL possesses the most foreign bases among domestic distribution businesses with 24 foreign bases in 16 countries and based on a widespread global network, we are providing a differentiated global distribution service.

Now that there is no frontiers and the stage of competition has changed into a global market, H&Friends GTL will be a trust worthy partner for businesses who going out to the world.

We expand the customer’s value to all the world.

In H&Friends GTL the best distribution experts provide a differentiated TOTAL distribution service in order to create SCM value creation based on logistics, forwarding, customs, packing and SCM, IT conventions technology and know-how in domestic business area.

A leader of total logistic who prizes the value of the customer! Meet a bigger world with H&Friends GTL.


H&Friends GTL endeavor to deliver the customer’s product in the most fast and safest way through the largest scale of global network and all employees.

We will send even the valuable hearts of the customers.